• SIZE : 26,000 Sq. Ft.
  • LOCATION : Tempe, AZ

TTEC is celebrating three decades of connecting clients with leading brands to their customers in an incredibly unique and engaging way. This particular client desired the space to literally be a “Jewel in the Desert” and a setting where clients could gain deeper customer engagement to drive “hyper” growth. Located in the City of Tempe, the collaborative, creative and colorful interior was to speak to the Tempe theme, “Live Work Play.” With the use of playful felt circle lights in the exposed ceiling, that coincide to the fun carpet patterns and splashes of vibrant color throughout, an inviting handshake to the office is created. TTEC’s client is an international, well-known name with a distinct brand, and the location was hinged on creating a unique call center environment….mission accomplished.

We wanted something that spoke to this client’s unique brand and culture.  McCarthy Nordburg’s design team listened, collaborated and created a concept that is evident in every detail of the design.  It is the best looking call center in the portfolio.

– Matt Jordan, TTEC


26,000 Sq. Ft.


Tempe, AZ