After 30 Years, We Know How to Set Ourselves Apart from the Competition

McCarthy Nordburg has been a leading global interior architecture firm here in Phoenix for 30 years. Time has taught us what works and what doesn’t and how our services set us apart from other firms. Here’s a glimpse into how we do it. 1. We’re good listeners. A space should align with a company’s brand, its values, its culture, and the persona the brand deserves to reflect. A company can have a beautiful space that incorporates all of the latest trends in workspace design, but if that setup doesn’t work for employees and their work styles, it’s not the right space. As a part of our design process, our team takes the time to understand client brand stories and aspirations. Then we reflect that brand identity in the spaces we create. 2. We’re versatile. Sure, we’ve created a number of unique office spaces, and we’ve also designed healthcare facilities, restaurants and retail spaces. Our expertise applies to a variety of industries and types of organizations. We don’t have a specific style or work exclusively in a certain vertical—our designs are as unique as our clients. 3. We’re hands-on. The McCarthy Nordburg team takes a collaborative approach throughout the project timeline. We enjoy sharing progress with clients as their custom space comes together, and use feedback to further refine our designs so they fulfill our clients’ needs. 4. We design it, but it’s your workspace. While it’s our team’s job to design the space, our clients are ultimately the people who will utilize it. This means it is crucial that we create a space that will enhance the experience for the client, whether that experience is office, education, retail or dining. It’s our team’s job to design environments that our clients are comfortable functioning in. This means that we take great care to ensure that our clients will have the best possible experience in their new spaces. At McCarthy Nordburg, we take great pride in our work and think it is important that the client is involved every step of the way. Each project is unique with fresh challenges that push our team to keep thinking outside the box.

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McCarthy Nordburg’s reputation is based on executing good, workable design through meticulous attention to detail, without exceeding budgetary guidelines. By designing solely for the client’s needs, the result expresses the personality, character, and parameters of the organization.



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