DHL Call Center

Tempe, AZ
113,000 SF

This Fortune 500 global shipping company desired an upscale image for their new office, to reflect their growth, current brand and culture. McCarthy Nordburg worked with them 10 years ago in a facility that is still timeless. Today, the objective focused on recruitment and retention. The client desired a full service lounge, open collaborative and free workspace environment with a sleek ambience. From the moment you enter the space, it does not look and feel like a shipping business — it is a purely sophisticated interior design experience. The main challenge was to plan and design a large wide open floor plate and not have it look like a sea of work stations. It required an innovative perspective to create segregations amongst the various departments and functions. With the use of occasional dropped soffits, circle LED light fixtures and various architectural design elements with patterns of bright colored finishes, a high-tech, unique look was achieved.

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McCarthy Nordburg’s reputation is based on executing good, workable design through meticulous attention to detail, without exceeding budgetary guidelines. By designing solely for the client’s needs, the result expresses the personality, character, and parameters of the organization.



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