DoorDash Regional Sales Center #1 2021 NAIOP and RED Office Interior of the Year

Tempe, AZ
197,500 SF Phase 1 & 2

McCarthy Nordburg was honored to collaborate with DoorDash for their new Phoenix location located in the Grand 2 at Papago Park Center in Tempe, Arizona. The project was recently awarded the annual Real Estate & Development (RED) and Best Of NAIOP #1 2021 "Office Interior of The Year". DoorDash has leased the entire 9-story building with a total square footage of approximately 346,000 SF. The project is being designed and constructed in 3 phases. The main objective was to design a dynamic new office that supports the organizational needs of their workforce as well as represents their brand and culture. The primary functional spaces include reception on the first floor, satellite reception on the 6th floor, a variety of collaboration and meeting spaces, open office, a technology bar, an all hands room, training rooms and two large break rooms that support catered food. The design aesthetic reflects DoorDash’s brand and culture with a focus on natural materials including wood, concrete and raw metal symbolic of the materials found in an urban environment where dasher’s spend their days delivering edible goodness to their clients. Meeting and collaboration spaces with gradient pops of colors are found throughout while unique furniture pieces blurr the lines between hospitality and workplace.

A huge congratulations to the team, I'm not surprised at this win—from my first meeting with the McCarthy Nordburg design team—I was impressed with the team and design. A lot of thought and care has gone into designing a high-functioning and inspirational workplace. I feel fortunate to be a part of such a great team.

Sam Gray, DoorDash
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