Invitation Homes

Scottsdale, AZ
41,000 SF

This national homebuilding company Invitation Homes is based in Scottsdale. They acquire, renovate, lease, maintain and manage single family homes. Their mission is to provide quality homes, great services and rewarding lease programs for their clients. They desired the design of their new corporate office to exude their culture and brand as well as a blend of contemporary and residential detailing. A variety of workplaces were incorporated into the suite that supports their varied ways of working. The open floor plan includes open office workstations, private meeting spaces, collaborative and community gathering spaces. The color palette is warm and inviting with pops of color integrated into the branding, furnishings and accent wall finishes.

We are excited to show off our space and the staff is thrilled with the new environment. It is a collaborative creative work space that meets our needs. We got everything we requested, within budget and on time.

Melissa Ferris, Invitation Homes
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