4 Things to Consider When Designing for Healthcare

Every space we design is unique in its own way—spaces in different industries require design teams to consider certain aspects of the environment more closely. Restaurants need a different attention to detail than workspaces and retail spaces require different design principles than healthcare spaces. Here are four things our team takes into account when we design an environment for a healthcare organization.
  1. Think about HIPAA Compliance
HIPAA is a government initiative that aims to protect the medical records and privacy of patients. How does that apply to design? The design of a healthcare space must reflect a conscious effort to create spaces that allow doctors and patients to have confidential conversations. It has been shown that patients are more likely to withhold information from physicians if there is a chance they could be overheard.
  1. Consider Materials
As with any space, the materials play an important role in the overall look and feel. When designing a healthcare space specifically, materials must be considered for both safety and aesthetic and must stand up to steady foot traffic. Flooring, furniture, wall coverings, lighting, and even handrails and other fixtures should be conducive to infection control measures and should be glare and slip resistant where necessary to maximize safety.
  1. Design for the Patient Experience
At the center of any healthcare space is the patient. It is essential that we, as designers, create an environment that promotes the well being of patients because the design of a space can be a part of the therapeutic process. Patient-focused design may include spots to store belongings, work areas with charging stations, comfortable waiting areas, and designated spaces for private conversations with physicians.
  1. Design for Employee Productivity
While patients are certainly the most important party in a healthcare facility, the physicians and employees that serve them take a very close second. The space must allow employees to do their jobs efficiently to best serve patients and their families. Solutions to this may include easy navigation around the facility and clearly defined workstations that foster a collaborative work environment.   When it is all said and done, healthcare spaces need to be functional. Designers are tasked with blending functionality and aesthetics to create the ideal patient experience. McCarthy Nordburg has experience doing just that! We have designed spaces for Hacienda Children’s Hospital and the Halle Healing Center.

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